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Highlights of the year 2010

Year 2010 started with sad because I lost Cino, but we had also a lot of happiness:

* Pixi is now working champion of tracking
* Pixi was in NOM-team of Finland 2010

* Jack got title JK1 from tracking with 1st prize in class 1

* Diesel von der Simmeringer Haide got title VK1 from messenger dog trial with 1st prize in class 1

* Talvihallan Balrog passed BH-test

* Udo des Cretuz Neufs got title JK2 from tracking, made two 0-result in class 2 of Agility and competes in highest level of obedience

* Sintti was in dog show: BOB, BOB-VET and BIS3-VET

* Mila is now 14-year-old and still going strong

* Seven pups of Eloisa P have been x-rayted health
* Five pups of Eloisa P have been examined health of their eyes
* Five pups of Eloisa P took part of MH-character description
* Pelki made 1st prize of beginner and open classes of obedience and started to compete in Agility
* Pelki awarded best obedience dog of local dog club
* Parfyymi started to compete in obedience
* Persoona got title TK2 from obedience and got two 0-result from Agility class 1

* Eloisa Q -litter was born
* Qiri won puppy-class of Agility

* Coming mother of R-litter Dunedain von der Simmeringer Haide:
- amazing points, 204, from character-test e.g. capacity +2
- silver medal of NOM-competition in messenger dog trial
- 1st prize of search in class 3

Big THANKS of year 2010 for active Eloisa owners and co-operation partners!

* * *

11.12.2010 - Ansa in eye examination

Persoona has unaffected eyes so no inherited eye diseases.

9.12.2010 - Viima in eye examination

Mother of my coming R-litter has unaffected eyes so no inherited eye diseases.
We are waiting the heat in any day....

7.12.2010 - Miina in eye examination

Pimu has unaffected eyes so no inherited eye diseases.

6.12.2010 - Results and happy birthday

Ansa won two Agility-competitions in class 1 with 0-result.
Congratulations Tanja and Ansa!


Happy birthday to 6-year-old Pixi!

Udo made 0-result in class 2 in Agility competition, placement 2nd.
Congratulations Sari and Udo!

3.12.2010 - Jack in eye examination

O'Jack has unaffected eyes so no inherited eye diseases.

20.11.2010 - Ansa got title TK2

Persoona won open class in obedience with 190 p. and got title TK2
Congratulation Tanja and Ansa!

19.11.2010 - Laku Obedience Cup-winner of IKSY

Pelki and Tanja has been rewarded by local society
as a Obedience championship 2010!
Congratulation Tanja and Laku!

16.11.2010 - Some news

16.11. Happy birthday to Waara!

Waara is now 5-year-old!

30.10. Laku had eye examination

Pelki's eyes are unaffected!

23.10. P-puppies in MH-character description

Five P-puppies took part in very interesting MH-character description.
Thanks to active owners!

17.10.2010 - Udo in Obedience competition

Udo made 1st prize in obedience in class 3 with 260 p. and won the class.
Congratulations Sari and Udo! Now you move to the highest level!

15.10.2010 - Viima made HK3!

Coming mother of R-litter made 1st prize in search in highest level (class 3) with points 274/300.
Congratulations Tanja and Viima!

21.9.2010 - Viima won silver medal in NOM-competition 2010!

Coming mother of R-litter won silver medal in NOM-competition in Denmark!
Congratulations report-team Tanja, Terhi and Viima!

29.8.2010 - Udo's agility-results

Udo and Sari make so much working results, it's so hard to follow... Some results:
7.8. 3rd 0-result from class1 and classwinner! 28.8. 0-result from class2 and classwinner!
Congratulations Sari and Udo!

28.8.2010 - Jack 5 years

Happy birthday to wonderful Jack!

10.7.2010 - Pixi is now Finnish Working Champion

Pixi made excellent work in very hot weather and she is now Working Champion!
Result: tracking 165/170p., object search 30/30p. and obedience 88/100p.
1-prize with points 283/300p. and competition winner!
Pixi, you are so superrrrr!
Thank you Michel for this super-girl!!

9.7.2010 - Ansa in Obedience competition 8.7.

Ansa made I-prize with points 198/200 in open class (2/4 level).
Congratulations Tanja and Ansa!

8.7.2010 - Pixi and Rasa had eye examination 8.7.

Pixi and Rasa have unaffected eyes!

6.7.2010 - Laku in Obedience competition

Laku made I-prize with points 174 in open class (2/4 level).
Congratulations Tanja and Laku!

5.7.2010 - Results

Bally passed BH-test in Germany 27.6.
Congratulations Svea and Bally!

Äijä made 3.7. VK1 with points 265p. Obedience 71p. and object search + message 194p.
Congratulations Terhi, Tanja and Äijä!

17.6.2010 - Udo in tracking competition *** Pixi has been selected to NOM-team

Udo: Obedience 73/100p., object search 30/30p. and tracking 145/170p. II-prize, JK2.
Congratulations Sari and Udo!

Pixi has been selected to national team of Finland as a tracking dog for NOM-competition.
NOM-competition is in Denmark 17.-19.9.

10.6.2010 - Jack and Udo in tracking competition of class1

Jack: Obedience 88/100p., object search 30/30p. and tracking 165/170p.
I-prize, JK1 and 2nd place.
Udo: Obedience 85/100p., object search 30/30p. and tracking 160/170p.
I-prize, JK1 and 5th place.
Congratulations Sari and Udo!

9.6.2010 - Eloisa Q -litter was born

Q-litter was born 6.6.10, 4 males and 3 females, all are groenendaels.

01.06.2010 - Working result and start of jubilee year of 25-years

Ansa won open class in obedience with 1st prize, points 168,5, i.a. heelwork 10!
Congratulations Tanja and Ansa!

1.6.85 my first groenendael,
Shylock "Lucky" was born!
Now 25-years together with groenendaels!

29.5.2010 - Results

Udo won Agility class1 competition with 0-result!
Congratulations Sari and Udo!

Sintti and Hukka in dog show:

Sintti, VET-class: Exc.1 best female, BOB, BOB-VET and BIS3-VET
Hukka, JUN-class: VG3

15.5.2010 - Sintti 11-year-old

Happy birthday to lovely Sintti!
6.5.2010 - We will have puppies

Ultrasound shows several puppies.
Q-litter will expected to be born on 8.6.

4.5.2010 - Pelki in Obedience-competition

Beginner-class: 167p. and I-prize.
Congratulations Tanja and Laku!

12.4.2010 - Waara in France

Waara has been mated, more information coming Q-litter

* * *

Udo in Agility-competition 5.4.10

Udo got 0-result from class 1, 2nd place.
Nice work is on video.
Congratulation Sari and Udo!

4.4.2010 - Mila 14 years!

Happy birthday to lively Mila!

1.4.2010 - New dog

I have a new dog Talvihallan Balrog , but he lives in Germany with Svea.
Take good care of my dog Svea!

27.3.2010 - Udo and Waara

Udo got best obedience dog 2009 prize of Ylöjärven Koirakerho!
Congratulations Sari and Udo!

* * *

Waara's heat has been started, so we go to France on Easter!
More information about coming litter, Eloisa Q.

Waara and Hukka had eye-examination today.
Both are unaffected!


Six P-puppies has been x-rayted 19.3.
All were health!
We are still waiting official results from kennel club.


Pixi got best tracking dog 2009 prize
of Kyröskosken Käyttökoirat!


P-litter 1 year
Happy birthday to Eloisa P -litter!


Persoona in Obedience-competition
Beginner-class I-prize with 188p. and 2nd.
Congratulations Tanja and Ansa!


  In memoriam the dog of my life:
FIN "AVA" JK3 HK2 EK1 TK2 pm-02-04 SMJ1-00 SMJ2-01

Wintergame Hat Trick "Cino"
7.11.1994 - 25.1.2010

* * *

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