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13.12.08 -Pixi started her heat so we will travel to Holland for Christmas.
If everything goes just fine we will have puppies at the end of February.
More information about combination on Puppies page.

05.12.08 - Pixi 4 years
Happy birthday to Pixi!

04.12.08 - In Memoriam

Willow Creek Eloi-Eloi "Mokka"
20.7.01 - 3.12.08

Mokka, I miss you so much!

16.11.08 - Waara 3 years
Happy birthday to Waara!

07.11.08 - Cino 14 years
Happy birthday to the dog of my life Cino!

28.09.08 - Jack got IP1
Jack made greit work and got IP1 with 2nd prize.
Tracking 85p., obedience 91p., protection 72p.

20.09.08 - Pixi got JK3
Pixi made again greit work in tracking, got JK3 with 2nd prize.
Tracking and object-search 169p, obedience 90p., together 259p.

09.09.08 - Udo 1 year
Happy birthday to lovely Udo!

28.08.08 - Jack 3 years
Happy birthday to my little puppy Jack!

10.08.08 - Pixi was 2nd in district competition and got JK3
Pixi made greit work today in tracking, got silver in district competition of Satakunta with 1st prize.
Tracking and object-search 188p, obedience 88p., together 276p.

20.07.08 - Mokka 7 years
Happy birthday to lively Mokka!

11.06.08 - Äijä 3 years
Happy birthday to Äijä!

11.06.08 - Pixi in tracking competition
Picxie de Lescaut was in her first 3-class tracking competition:
object search 29/30p. Pixi stopped to track after 3rd stick so I interrupted the competition.

07.06.08 - Jack in BH-test
O'Jack passed BH-test in Nokia.

07.06.08 - Diesel in Obedience-competition
Diesel and Terhi made very nice 1 prize in beginner class with points 193,17.
They were 8./69 and it was finnish champion competition.
Congratulations Terhi and Äijä!

15.05.08 - Sintti 9 years
Happy birthday to happy Sintti!

19.04.08 - Diesel in BH-test
Diesel passed BH-test.
Congratulations Terhi and Äijä!

04.04.08 - Mila 12 years
Happy birthday to Mila, my lovely grandmother dog!

4.2.08 - New Nord show champions:

INT&FIN&N&S&RUS Ch VK2 JK2 HK1 Wintergame Intermilana
INT&FIN&S&N&RUS Ch VK2 BH Wintergame Lalique
INT&FIN&S&N Ch JK2 BH Willow Creek Eloi-Eloi

27.1.08 - Turku Internationel Dog Show
Mila VET-class: Exc. 3rd in class
Sintti Ch-class: Exc. classwinner

30.12.07- English site published
Kennelname accepted 4.10.07 and site published
in Finnish 29.10.07 and in English 30.12.07.