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groenendael female


Wintergame Intermilana "Mila"

Mila * 04.04.1996
20.04.2012 - bleeding mammalian tumor
Breeder: Sari & Matti Viljamaa, kennel Wintergame
Owner: Erja Juvakka, Mouhijärvi & breeder

Hips: A/A
Elbows: 1/1
Eyes: Unaffected (6.8.03)
Teeth: scissor bite, which has been changed to pincer bite, all teeth
Sterilized: 2006

Height: 58 cm
Weight: 24 kg

Hobbies: messenger dog, search, tracking and agility

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Mila with own words

Mila was independent female who knew her value. She had strong prey drive, high tendency to aggressive behaviour and high desire for defence action. As a young girl Mila was reserved against strange people, but later she jumped straight into arms and gave kisses.

We competed in many species, from which messenger dog trial was the best for her because Mila loved to run. Unfortunately Mila always suffered so called "2nd dog syndrome" caused by Cino and somehow we never were in the same level, but anyway we made many working results together.

Mila was co-ownership dog and she had two litters for kennel Wintergame: L- and M-litters. Also kennel Willow Creek wanted to use Mila for breeding and she was mother for Willow Creek E-litter. As a mother Mila was more than perfect, tooking care of puppies as well as a dog can do.

With Mila I also had made my dreams come true to follow the life of puppies, how they were born and grown up.

Mila wasn't easy dog to train so that's why I learned a lot from her. With Mila I also learned a lot of hard breading world which gave to me a lot of experience.

Mila lived long and health life and her blood is flowing now in her children, grand children and grand grand children...

Dog who never need to butter up anyone!
Thanks Mila, you gave and taught me so much!!

Mila's pedigree

Mistyk van de Hoge Laer

Hutch du Domaine des Noirs
Zoupy de la Paraque des Planches
Feeling du Domaine des Noirs
Haida du Val des Artistes
B,F Ch
Olrick du Chemin des Dames
Dorsey du val des Artistes

A-Te-Ell's Miss Request

Sundown's Primetime
Crocs-Blank's Ryker
Sundown's Quest O'Merit

Ceres Gucci of Ateell

Lann Moriann du Chemin des Dames

Evita de la Maison du Bois


Mila's character tests

Character test of FKC 5.9.98 Lempäälä
Judges Josef Tomminen and Hannu Mäki

Functional capacity +1 (moderate)
Tendency to aggressive behaviour +3 (moderate without any post-attack aggressivenes)
Desire for defence action +2 (high,controlled)
Desire to fight +2 (moderate)
Nerves +1 (tendency to to nervousness)
Temperament +2 (moderate)
Mental hardness +1 (tendency to softness)
Accessibility +2 (tendence to reserved behaviour)
Secure to shots + (secure to shots)
Points 143  
Minus points -  
Result 143  

Character test (ROLT) of SBPKY 26.9.99 Tuusula
Judges Hannu Qvist and Pekka Korri

General impression 1 (sufficient) Watchful and attentive, should be more self-confidence and straight.
Accessibility 1 (sufficient) Is not open and free but can be touched.
Desire for fight 2 (good) Fights eagerly, but uncertainly.
Desire for defence action 2 (good) Defences powerfully, but is afraid.
1 (sufficient)
Reacts slightly for first shot, controlls her nerves sufficiently.
Points 7  
Result Sufficient (5-7)  

Mila's working results

Messenger dog trial

Date Place Class Points Total Result Placement Other
06.06.98 Tampere 1 82/195 277 I-result, VK1 1. -
26.09.98 Lahti 2 73/interrupt 73 - - Breed Championships
03.10.98 Tampere 2 84/198 282 I-result, VK2 2. -
21.05.00 Tampere 3 -/60 interrupt 60 - - -


Date Place Class Points Total Result Placement Other
11.06.98 Harjavalta 1 92/100 192 - - -
06.10.01 Kyröskoski 1 88/197 285 I-result, JK1 1. -
14.05.02 Tampere 2 95/200 295 I-result, JK2 1. -
15.09.02 Kyröskoski 3 70/no tracking - - - -
17.06.03 Tampere 3 -/74 interrupt 74 - - -
15.07.03 Tampere 3 -/74 interrupt 74 - - -
27.07.03 Kyröskoski 3 -/24 interrupt 24 - - district championship


Date Place Class Points Total Result Placement Other
6.10.02 Lahti 1 91/157 248 II-result, HK1 5. -

Mila's Obedience results

Date Place Class Points Result Placement Other
03.09.00 Tampere Beginner 187 I-result 1. district championship
24.09.00 Tampere Beginner 186 I-result 2. next level

Summary of Mila's Agility-results


Number of starting Number of 0-results Number of disq.-results Number of best three placements
13 1 1 1x1. ja 1x3.


Number of starting Number of 0-results Number of disq.-results Number of best three placements Other
15 3 5 1x1., 3x2. ja 1x3. Breed championship 2003


Number of starting Number of 0-results Number of disq.-results Number of best three placements other
6 2 2 1x3. Silver in district championships of Satakunta 2004.