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groenendael male

Eloisa Paimen "Rasa"

Rasa Rasa

Owner: Seppo Ojanen, Tampere

Hobbies: Tracking

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Character tests

MH-character description 23.10.10 Maaninka
Descriptors Jorma Kerkkä and Riitta Liimatainen

1a CONTACT, salutation 4 Salutes by itself or responds to it.
1b CONTACT, co-operation 4 Goes freely with stranger, interested in stranger.
1c CONTACT, handling 1 Repel with growl and/or try to bite.
2a, PLAY 1, will to play 4 Playes - starts quickly and be acktive.
2b PLAY 1, griping 3 Grips on an object after a while or with front tooth.
2c PLAY 1, bite and will to fight 3 Grips, draw against, but looses and grips again / corrects the bite.
3a HUNTING 4 and 4 Starts with high speed and target, stops to the pray.
3b GRIPING 5 and 5 Grips directly on the prey, keeps it in mounth at least 3 sec.
4 ACTIVITY 3 Attentive and mostly calm.
5a REMOTE PLAY, intresting 2 Keeps an eye on stranger, keeps breaks.
5b REMOTE PLAY, threat/aggression 1 Don't show threatment.
5c REMOTE PLAY, curiosity 3 Goes to the hiding stranger who talks.
5d REMOTE PLAY, will to play 2 Doesn't play - is interested in.
5e REMOTE PLAY, co-operation 4 Interested in playing and passive stranger.
6a SURPRISE, fear 2 Crouches and stops.
6b SURPRISE, threat/aggression 2 Shows single threatments.
6c SURPRISE, curiosity 4 Goes to the overalls when handler stayes in midway.
6d SURPRISE, remaining fear 1 Absolutely no change in movement or avoiding.
6e SURPRISE, remaining interesting 3 Stops, sniffs or watch overalls at least in two passing.
7a SOUND SENSITIVITY, fear 3 Avoid without loosing contact.
7b SOUND SENSITIVITY, interesting 5 Goes to the sound equipment without help.
7c SOUND SENSITIVITY, remaining fear 1 Absolutely no change in movement or avoiding.
7d SOUND SENSITIVITY, remaining interesting 1 Doesn't show any interestings award sound equipment.
8a GHOSTS, threat/aggression 2 Shows single threatments.
8b GHOSTS, attention 3 Keeps an eye on ghosts, long breaks, both ghosts half time or all the time the other ghost.
8c GHOSTS, fear 2 Is mostly in front or beside of handler, takes a little bit distance.
8d GHOSTS, interesting 2 Goes to the ghost when handler talks with it and call the dog.
8e GHOSTS, contact with ghost 4 Takes contact by itself.
9a PLAY 2, will to play 3 Playes - has more/less activity.
9b PLAY 2, griping 3 Grips on an object after a while or with front tooth.
SHOOTING 1 Doesn't disturbed, reacts quickly and after that totally passive.

* * * * *

Charactertest of FKC 11.09.11 Helsinki
Judges Lea Haanpää and Bengt Söderholm
  Charactertest of FKC 18.10.14 Kuopio
Judges Jorma Kerkkä and Leena Berg

Functional capacity -1 (Low)   Functional capacity -1 (Low)
Tendency to aggressive behaviour +3 (Moderate without any post-attack aggressiveness)   Tendency to aggressive behaviour +1 (Low without any post-attack aggressiveness)
Desire for defence action +3 (Moderate, controlled)   Desire for defence action -1 (Insignificant )
Desire to fight +1 (Extremely high)   Desire to fight +2 (Moderate)
Nerves +1 (Tendency to nervousness)   Nerves -1 (Slightly nervous)
Temperament -1c (Restless)   Temperament -1a (Disturbingly high)
Mental hardness +1 (Tendency to softness)   Mental hardness +1 (Tendency to softness)
Accessibility -3 (Insidous)   Accessibility 2a (Accessibile, a little reserved)
Secure to shots +++ (Secure to shots)   Secure to shots +++ (Secure to shots)
Points   69   Points   59
Minus points   75   Minus points   66
Result   -16   Result   -7


Rasa's show

08.08.09 Helsinki, special show - Thin male with suitable body and still puppyish round skull. Head should come longer and grow up to the ears. Well build in front.Typical back angulations. Suitable neck. Top line still unstabil and rounds pelvis, especially in rear. Tail too high. Good step length even still careless mover. - Puppy class, judge Elena Ruskovaara.