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groenendael male

Shylock "Lucky"

Lucky * 01.06.1985
28.04.1998 - died of heart attack into my arms at home

Breeder: Ritva Rantanen, Tampere
Owner: Erja Juvakka, Mouhijärvi

Hips: D* (nowadays A/A)
Eyes: -
Teeth: Scissor bite, all teeth
Testicles: OK, castrated 9 years old because of prostate problems

Height: 66 cm
Weight: 28 kg

Hobbiest: Search and Obedience
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  tassu   Working results
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Lucky with own words

Lucky was my first dog, which I got when I was 14 years old.
With Lucky I walked into endless world of Belgians.

Lucky was reserved with people and he had high desire to defence action.
After all he was easy dog, even he didn't like other males,
but females always falled in love when they saw Lucky.

Lucky was absolutely mad with balls, sticks and cones. You always have to
throw something. In our summer cottage he usually took the ball, walked to
the dock, dropped the ball to the water and wait until the ball was far enough.
He started to bark and then we jumped to the boat and got the ball from the lake.

Lucky loved also to swim and in our summer cottage he swam a lot just by himself.
Once he brought me lily pad from the lake, what a gentleman he was.

Lucky was home pet, but we competed a little in obedience and search.

Lucky's pedigree
W-88 VK3 HK3 YK3 IP3 JK2

Valkohampaan Champion
Of Nocturno Tahvo
Mistral du Mistral
Valkohampaan Afrodite
Of Nocturno Jerry
Hukanheimon Jutta
Of Nocturno Bijou

N Ch NordW-84 NordW-86
Of Nocturno Waiko
N Ch NW-78
Of Nocturno Moonlight
N Ch
Jan del Lago Nero
N Ch W-75
Of Nocturno Honey


Lucky's character test

Charactertest of FKC 9.10.88 Maisansalo
Judges were Tarmo Nieminen and Pasi Halme

Functional capacity +1 (moderate)
Tendency to aggressive behaviour +2 (High without any post-attack aggressiveness)
Desire for defence action +3 (Moderate, controlled)
Desire to fight +2 (moderate)
Nerves +1 (Moderate calm)
Temperament +3 (high)
Mental hardness +1 (tendency to softness)
Accessibility +1 (kind, reserved)
Points 143  
Minus points -  
Result 143  
Passed +1  

Lucky's working results


Date Place Class Points Total Result Placement Other
02.10.88 Kyröskoski Beginner 215/160 375 - - -
08.10.88 Kangasala Beginner 152/not to search part - - - -

Lucky's obedience results

Date Place Class Points Result Placement Other
04.05.86 Maisansalo Beginner 140 II-result - -
10.05.86 Tampere Beginner 144 II-result 3. -
07.06.86 Viljakkala Beginner 139 III-result 3. -
07.09.86 Tampere Beginner 200 I-result 1. Maximum points
28.09.86 Kangasala Beginner 159 II-result - -
04.10.86 Maisansalo Beginner 111 III-result 5. -
25.04.87 Tampere Beginner 192 I-result, HP 1. goes Open Class
15.05.88 Tampere Open 159,5 II-result 2. -
22.05.88 Tampere Open 185,5 I-result 1. -
19.06.88 Nokia Open 189 I-result, HP 1. -
03.09.88 Tampere Open 165 I-result 1. goes Winner-class
29.07.89 Aitoo Winner 210,5 III-result - -
19.18.89 Kangasala Winner 170 - - -
10.06.90 Tampere Winner 211 III-result - -