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groenendael female

Eloisa Pimu "Miina"

Miina   Miina

Owner: Sannamari Tikkanen, Helsinki

Hobbies: Search and obedience


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MH-character description 23.10.10 Maaninka
Descriptors Jorma Kerkkä and Riitta Liimatainen

1a CONTACT, salutation 4 Salutes by itself or responds to it.
1b CONTACT, co-operation 3 Goes with stranger, but is not interested in stranger.
1c CONTACT, handling 1 Repel with growl and/or try to bite.
2a, PLAY 1, will to play 3 Playes - acktivity increases / decreases.
2b PLAY 1, griping 3 Grips on an object after a while or with front tooth.
2c PLAY 1, bite and will to fight 2 Grips after a while - looses/bites, doens't draw.
3a HUNTING 4 and 4 Starts with high speed and target, stops to the pray.
3b GRIPING 3 and 5 Grips faltering or not in time on the prey. / Grips directly on the prey, keeps it in mounth at least 3 sec.
4 ACTIVITY 5 Functions changes fast / has action all the time.
5a REMOTE PLAY, intresting 3 Interested in stranger, keeps on eye without breaks.
5b REMOTE PLAY, threat/aggression 2 Show single (1-2) threatments in first part.
5c REMOTE PLAY, curiosity 1 Doesn't go to the hiding stranger.
5d REMOTE PLAY, will to play 1 Doesn't be interested in stranger.
5e REMOTE PLAY, co-operation 1 Doesn't be interested in stranger.
6a SURPRISE, fear 3 Avoids without loosing eye contact.
6b SURPRISE, threat/aggression 2 Shows single threatments.
6c SURPRISE, curiosity 3 Goes to the overalls when handler stayes in front of it.
6d SURPRISE, remaining fear 2 Small curtsey or variations in speed of some passing.
6e SURPRISE, remaining interesting 3 Stops, sniffs or watch overalls at least in two passing.
7a SOUND SENSITIVITY, fear 1 Doesn't stop or stop quickly.
7b SOUND SENSITIVITY, interesting 5 Goes to the sound equipment without help.
7c SOUND SENSITIVITY, remaining fear 1 Absolutely no change in movement or avoiding.
7d SOUND SENSITIVITY, remaining interesting 1 Doesn't show any interestings award sound equipment.
8a GHOSTS, threat/aggression 3 Shows many threatments.
8b GHOSTS, attention 3 Keeps an eye on ghosts, long breaks, both ghosts half time or all the time the other ghost.
8c GHOSTS, fear 3 Is mostly in front or beside of handler, changes with escape or controll.
8d GHOSTS, interesting 1 Goes to the ghost when handler has taken hood off / Doesn't go in time.
8e GHOSTS, contact with ghost 1 Avoid contact / Doesn't go in time.
9a PLAY 2, will to play 4 Playes - starts quickly and be active.
9b PLAY 2, griping 5 Grips directly on an object in speed.
SHOOTING 1 Doesn't disturbed, reacts quickly and after that totally passive.

Charactertest of FKC 11.09.11 Helsinki
Judges were Bengt Söderholm and Lea Haanpää

Functional capacity +1 (moderate)
Tendency to aggressive behaviour +3 (Moderate without any post-attack aggressiveness)
Desire for defence action +3 (Moderate, controlled)
Desire to fight +1 (extremely high)
Nerves +1 (Tendency to nervousness)
Temperament +1 (extremely high)
Mental hardness +1 (Tendency to softness)
Accessibility +3 (Kind, accessibile, open)
Secure to shots +++ (Secure to shots)
Points 134  
Minus points -  
Result 134  



17.08.13 Kouvola - 3-year-old female with correct size. Could be more square. Head long enough, skull still a little bit round. Good ears, a little bit big light eyes. Good neck. Legg bones should be stronger and chest larger. Moves with enough step lenght. Loose elbows, high tail at time. Good coat quality, a little bit few coat today. Brisk behave. - Working class - G, Judge Tarja Löfman