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groenendael male

"FIN AGi Ch" JK3 HK2 EK1 TK2
pm-02 pm-03 pm-04 Agi SMj-00 SMj2-01

Wintergame Hat Trick "Cino"

Cino * 07.11.1994
Breeder: Sari & Matti Viljamaa, kennel Wintergame
Owner: Erja Juvakka, Mouhijärvi

Hips: A/A
Eyes: Unaffected (19.11.1996)
Teeth: scissor bite, all teeth
Testicles: cryptorhid, castrated 1999
Other things: hook tail

Height: 62 cm
Weight: 26 kg

Hobbies: national species, agility and obedience

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Cino with own words

Cino was very temperamentical one man dog, who had high desire to fight and will to pleasure. He had high tendency to aggressive behaviour ("sharpness") and high desire for defence action. As a young boy Cino was reserved for strange people but when he grow up he became open mind and friendly.

We loved work together. His main hobby was Agility, but he was excellent also in different species like search and obedience. We won three times championship of kennel district of Satakunta in Agility. So Cino was like his name, hat trick. In the year of 2000 we got our best result: we were in the agility team of Ylöjärven Koirakerho who won Finnish Championship. Next year the same team won silver.

This dog of my life made allways his best, without any hesitate. We really made the team!

Thanks Cino, it's hard to get better black!

Cino's pedigree
V-96 LVW-97 LUW-97

Black Master's Amazing Winner
FIN Ch W-93

Frenchy de la Douce Plaine
Dan de la Douce Plaine
Gigi de la Quievre
Milady des Terres Bergeres
F Ch
Vanga de la Douce Plaine
F Ch
Balagny de la Douce Plaine

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Sundown's Primetime
Crocs-Blank's Ryker
Sundown's Quest O'Merit

Ceres Gucci of Ateell

Lann Moriann du Chemin des Dames

Evita de la Maison du Bois


Cino's character tests

Character test of FKC 19.5.97 Nokia
Judges Pasi Halme and Pekka Orava

Functional capacity +1 (moderate)
Tendency to aggressive behaviour +3 (moderate without any post-attack aggressivenes)
Desire for defence action +2 (high,controlled)
Desire to fight +3 (high)
Nerves +1 (tendency to to nervousness)
Temperament +3 (high)
Mental hardness +1 (tendency to softness)
Accessibility +3 (kind, accessible, open)
Secure to shots + (secure to shots)
Points 183  
Minus points -  
Result 183  

Character test (ROLT) of SBPKY 26.9.99 Tuusula
Judges Hannu Qvist and Pekka Korri

General impression 1 (sufficient) Should be more self-confident and express more racial straigh.
Accessibility 2 (good) Can be touched, should be more self-confident and more open.
Desire for fight 2 (good) Fights eagerly, but should be more self-confident.
Desire for defence action 3 (excellent) Defences without hesitate, fiery and eagerly.
1 (sufficient)
Stresses in fightning so badly, that defences by bite judge.
Otherwise controlls his nerves sufficient.
Points 9  
    Bites judge
Result Failed  

Cino's working results


Date Place Class Points Total Result Placement Other
25.08.96 Nokia 1 87/156 243 II-result, JK1 6. -
07.09.96 Turku 1 95/100 195 - - Breed championships
17.05.97 Ulvila 2 81/35 116 - - -
10.06.97 Harjavalta 2 80/74 154 - - -
29.06.97 Kangasala 2 93/54 147 - - 4-clubs competition
31.08.97 Kyröskoski 2 87/112 199 - - Breed championships
20.09.97 Jämsä 2 92/94 186 - - -
12.10.97 Kyröskoski 2 87/180 267 II-result, JK2 - -
19.06.98 Tampere 3 80/60 140 - - Midsummer competition
30.08.98 Ikaalinen 3 81/160 241 II-result, JK3 - -
13.09.98 Kyröskoski 3 76/no tracking - - - -


Date Place Class Points Total Result Placement Other
14.04.99 Forssa 1 95/29 124 - - -
25.06.99 Tampere 1 98/185 283 I-result, HK1 2. Midsummer competition
03.07.99 Tampere 2 92/154 246 II-result, HK2 2. 4-clubs competition

Versatile search trial

Date Place Class Points Total Result Placement Other
10.06.00 Tampere 1 89/151 240 II-result, EK1 2. -

Messenger dog trial

Date Place Class Points Total Result Placement Other
23.06.00 Tampere 1 93/30 123 - - Midsummer competition

Cino's Obedience results

Date Place Class Points Result Placement Other
04.05.96 Lahti Beginner 183 I-result, HP 4. Breed Championships
09.02.97 Helsinki Beginner 191,5 I-result 1. next level
03.09.00 Kangasala Open 149 II-result - district championship
24.09.00 Tampere Open 188 I-result 3. -
08.10.00 Parkano Open 191 I-result 1. -
15.10.00 Tampere Open 150 II-result - -
04.11.00 Turku Open 171 I-result 1. next level

Summary of Cino's Agility


Number of starting Number of 0-results Number of disq.-results Number of best three placements
9 1 1 1x1. ja 1x2.


Number of starting Number of 0-results Number of disq.-results Number of best three placements
9 3 3 2x1. ja 2x2.


Number of starting Number of 0-results Number of disq.-results Number of best three placements Other
166 43 32 3x1. -> Agility champion,
9x2.ja 15x3.
3x district championships of Satakunta,
in the years of 1998-2004 in Championship competition,
in the years of 2000-2004 in World Championship trials,
Finnish Championship in agility team 2000, championship silver in agility team 2001