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groenendael female

FI WCh, FI ACh, FI J-ACh, FI OCh, pm-14
Eloisa Persoona "Ansa"

Ansa   Ansa

Owner: Tanja Lehto, Kuopio

Hobbies: Agility, tracking and obedience



* Agility Finnish Open Champion 3rd place 2011

* Member of Finnish Agility-team in FMBB competition in Italy 2012.
Agility course winner and place for Finals.

* Agility, Purina Cup winner 2012

* Finnish Agility Champion 2012

* Best Obedience dog 2012 of KPSH

* Finnish Obedience Champion 2013

* Member of Finnish Agility-team in FMBB competition 2013 in Slovenia

* Finnish Agility Champion - Jump 2013

* Agility Team Championship 2013 of Finland

* Agility, silver in district competition 2013

* Best Finnish Agility belgian 2013

* Member of Finnish Agility-team in FMBB competition in Finland 2014.
Agility course winner and place for Finals.
Team champion 2014!

* Bronze medal in Finnish national championship 2014 in Agility

* District Champion of Pohjois-Savo in Agility 2014

* Finnish Working Champion 2014 (tracking)

* Best Agility Dog of Pohjois-Savo 2014 (divided title)

* Best Agility Belgian 2014

* Member of Finnish Agility-team in FMBB competition 2015

* Finnish team championships in Agility 2015, 3rd place.

* 8th in Finnish Championships 2015, tracking
* Race team championships 2015 in Agility, 3rd place
* Member of Finnish Agility-team in FMBB competition 2016, France

* FMBB Agility Team Champion 2016
* 4th in Finnish Championships 2016, tracking
* NOM competitor in tracking 2016, 3rd place for Finnish team
* Race Team Champion in Agility 2016
* EO-qualification competitor 2017
* Participant of Finnish Hall Championships in Agility 2017


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MH-character description 23.10.10 Maaninka
Descriptors Jorma Kerkkä and Riitta Liimatainen

1a CONTACT, salutation 4 Salutes by itself or responds to it.
1b CONTACT, co-operation 4 Goes freely with stranger, is interested in stranger.
1c CONTACT, handling 3 Accepts handling.
2a, PLAY 1, will to play 4 Playes - starts quickly and be acktive.
2b PLAY 1, griping 5 Grips strightly on an object, takes it in speed.
2c PLAY 1, bite and will to fight 3 Grips, draw against, but looses and grips again / corrects the bite.
3a HUNTING 2 and 4 Starts, but interrupts. / Starts with high speed and target, stops to the pray.
3b GRIPING 1 and 4 Is not interested in pray/doesn't hunt. / Grips directly on the prey, but looses.
4 ACTIVITY 3 Attentive and mostly calm.
5a REMOTE PLAY, intresting 3 Interested in stranger, keeps on eye without breaks.
5b REMOTE PLAY, threat/aggression 2 Show single (1-2) threatments in first part.
5c REMOTE PLAY, curiosity 1 Doesn't go to the hiding stranger.
5d REMOTE PLAY, will to play 1 Doesn't be interested in stranger.
5e REMOTE PLAY, co-operation 1 Doesn't be interested in stranger.
6a SURPRISE, fear 4 Escapes max. 5 meters.
6b SURPRISE, threat/aggression 1 Doesn't show any threatments.
6c SURPRISE, curiosity 3 Goes to the overalls when handler stayes in front of it.
6d SURPRISE, remaining fear 1 Absolutely no change in movement or avoiding.
6e SURPRISE, remaining interesting 2 Stops, sniffs or watches overalls in one pastgoing.
7a SOUND SENSITIVITY, fear 3 Avoids without loosing eye contact.
7b SOUND SENSITIVITY, interesting 5 Goes to the sound equipment without help.
7c SOUND SENSITIVITY, remaining fear 1 Absolutely no change in movement or avoiding.
7d SOUND SENSITIVITY, remaining interesting 1 Doesn't show any interestings award sound equipment.
8a GHOSTS, threat/aggression 2 Doesn't show any threatments.
8b GHOSTS, attention 3 Keeps an eye on ghosts, long breaks, both ghosts half time or all the time the other ghost.
8c GHOSTS, fear 4 Is mostly behind of handler, changes with escape or controll.
8d GHOSTS, interesting 3 Goes to the ghost when handler stands beside the gost.
8e GHOSTS, contact with ghost 4 Takes contact by itself.
9a PLAY 2, will to play 4 Playes - starts quickly and be active.
9b PLAY 2, griping 5 Grips directly on an object in speed.
SHOOTING 1 Doesn't disturbed, reacts quickly and after that totally passive.

Charactertest of FKC 11.09.11 Iisalmi
Judges were Jorma Kerkkä and Reijo Hynynen

Functional capacity +2 (high)
Tendency to aggressive behaviour +3 (Moderate without any post-attack aggressiveness)
Desire for defence action +3 (Moderate, controlled)
Desire to fight +2 (moderate)
Nerves +1 (Tendency to nervousness)
Temperament +3 (high)
Mental hardness +3 (Moderate)
Accessibility +3 (Kind, accessibile, open)
Secure to shots +++ (Secure to shots)
Points 205  
Minus points -  
Result 205  



08.08.09 Helsinki, specialshow - Brisk. Female puppy with right proportions, who has now narrow lower jaw and very light eyes. Quite strong skull, still good ear set. Suitable neck lenght and good chest. Good angulations and very parallel movements. High tail set, however has right set in rear. Very beautiful side step. - Puppyclass, Judge Elena Ruskovaara

03.08.12 Kuopio, Int - An excellent condition. Very good angulations front and rear. Strong topline, with good neck. Head has good length but is too broad in skull. The eyes need to be darker. Moves quite freely, would like a little more coat on her today - Work-class - VG, Judge Stephanie Rickard, Australia.

01.08.14 Kuopio, Int - Female in type. Could be more harmonie. Correct head and bite. Eyes could be a little bit darker. Good body. Not in the best coat condition. Correct movement. Well trained working dog - Work-class - EXC1 CQ, Judge Petru Muntean, Romania.