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groenendael male


Udo des Cretuz Neufs "Udo"

Udo Born: 9.9.2007
Breeder: Claudine Jaquier, Switzerland, kennel Cretuz Neufs
Owner: Sari Nieminen, Ylöjärvi

Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Back: No changes, 23.2.09
Shoulders and knees: No changes, 23.2.09
Eyes: Unaffected (18.5.09)
Teeth: scissor bite, all teeth
Testicles: OK

Height: 66 cm
Weight: 29 kg

Hobbies: IPO, Obedience, Agility and tracking

  tassu   Working results
  tassu   Obedience-results

Udo with Sari's words

Udo is harmonic 1,5 years old, who reminds day after day his father Rex, "savanna lion", more and more all the time. At home Udo loves to sleep on the sofa and loves to be in Sari's arms, but is full of action in one second if you start to do something. Run in forrest is one of Udo's favourite hobby and he always finds something interesting under the snow: moles, mice, which hunting is extremely funny - Udo thinks. Winter Udo loves most.

Udo has big will to fight and hunting drive so it's very easy to train him. He really enjoys to learn new things - for praising cone, snowdrift and stick are good. OK, meatball is good as well. Udo has also sharpness and will to defend.

I have trained IPO with Udo and we are also going to compete. We train also agility and obedience. Let's see what will be our main hobby or can we make all these...

Udo's pedigree

WCh Ring3 s.r.

Rex du Champ Boulet
Max de la Valleedes Suessiones
Brevet Ring
Top des Glorieux Pittous
Ebene de Vulcain
Ring3 s.r.
Gipsie du Champ Boulet
Vilki du Domaine des Roches
Belga de Marfonaine
Kaly des Cretuz Neufs
Hudson des Hauts de Choisy
Dempsey de la Virginie
Gretta de la Virginie
Joy de la Roche Enneigee
Asco du Chemin du Paradis
Funny du Clos du Richaumoine


Udo's working results


Date Place Result
25.04.09 Ylöjärvi Passed, BH


Date Place Class Points Total Result Placement Other
10.06.10 Kyröskoski 1 85/30/160 275 I-prize, JK1 5. -
17.06.10 Kyröskoski 2 73/30/145 248 II-prize, JK2 ? -
Udo's Obedience results

Date Place Class Points Result Placement Other
03.05.09 Ikaalinen Beginner 168,5 I-prize - -
09.05.09 Orivesi Open 155 II-prize 3. -
23.05.09 Tampere Open 169 I-prize - -
04.07.09 Ikaalinen Open 141 II-prize - -
11.07.09 Kangasala Open 96 - - Finnish championships
19.09.09 Valkeakoski Open 147,5 II-prize - district championships
27.09.09 Kyröskoski Open 192 I-prize 1. HP
31.10.09 Mänttä Open 157 II-prize - -
22.11.09 Noormarkku Open 176 I-prize - licence to Winner-class
13.05.10 Ikaalinen Winner 190,5 - - -
30.05.10 Keuruu Winner 250 II-prize - -
20.06.10 Ikaalinen Winner 237,5 II-prize - -
15.08.10 Tampere Winner 214 III-prize 2. Race championchip
22.08.10 Keuruu Winner 186 - - -
11.09.10 Ylöjärvi Winner 219 III-result -
17.10.10 Hämeenkyrö Winner 260 I-prize 1. licence to highest level: EVL-class
30.10.10 Ilmajoki EVL 214 III-prize - -