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Year 2009 has been memorable:

  * first litter of kennel Eloisa, Eloisa P, was born
* Cino accomplished 15 years old age
* Jack and Waara have been examined health with their eyes

* Jack made IPO2- and IPO3 and was 6th finnish groenendael ever, who made IPO3 in Finland
* Jack competed in Randmerenbokaal (part B and C in IPO) in Holland and placed finely 4th.
   Jack was 1st finnish belgian ever in this competition

* Pixi made twice JK3 (highest level tracking), the other one with 1st prize
* Udo passed BH-test and breeding check and made TK2-title from obedience
* Waara passed BH- and character-test and passed breeding check
* Sintti has been entried for 3 shows and was every time BOB-VET.
   She was also BIS2-VET in specialty show and 4th best female in winner show
* Laku and Vinka came in 4th in puppy class in specialty show

Big THANKS to all you, who has been part of this success!!

  12.12.09 - Sintti in Winner dog show
Sintti had success in winner dog show in Helsinki:
VET-class: Exc. classwinner, BOB-VET, 4th best female, judge Bente Harlem, Norway.
  28.11.09 - No puppies for Waara at this time.
New puppy plans will be published soon.
  22.11.09 - Udo TK2
Udo in obedient-competition: OPEN-class 176p. 1st prize and licence to next level!
Congratulations Sari and Udo!


  07.11.09 - Cino 15 years old

  01.11.09 - Mating holiday is over
Our visit in France is over and now we wait 3 weeks for the result...
More information about coming puppies.

Very very big thanks for André and Claudie, we really enjoyed our holiday with Waara!
  24.10.09 - Jack and Sintti in international dog show in Seinäjoki
Jack: Working class - Very good
Sintti: Vet-class - Exc., 4th best female BOB-VET

  17.10.09 - Jack competed in Randmerenbokaal (IPO B/C) in Holland.
Obedience 82p. and bitework 84p. Together 166p and 4th place.

  16.10.09 - Waara's heat has started and we travel to France. If everything goes fine, we will have puppies on christmas. More information on puppies-site.


  11.10.09 - Jack made IPO3
tracking: 79p., obedience 72p. and bitework 75p.


  03.10.09 - Pixi in tracking competition: obedience 88p., tracking and object search 200p., 288p. together, 1st prize JK3 and 2nd place.

Big THANKS to Seppo and Kaarina for tracking trainings,
results is absolutely your merit.


Photo: Carita Kytölä
  27.09.09 - Udo in obedient-competition: OPEN-class 192p. HP and classwinner!
Congratulations Sari and Udo!


  28.08.09 - Happy birthday to Jack, 4 years!

  20.08.09 - Pixi in tracking competition: obedience 85p., tracking and object search 172 p., together 257p., II-prize JK3.
Now we have results for next year championship competition.
Big THANKS to Seppo and Kaarina for tracking trainings!

  08.08.09 - P-litter in specialty show of SBPKY
Males: Pelki: Puppy-class 4th HP
Females: Parfyymi: Puppy-class 4th HP

THANKS to all of you, it was so nice to see you!


Sintti in specialty show of SBPKY:
VET-class: Exc.1, BOB-VET and BIS2-VET

12.07.09 - Jack made IP2 today with result:
79/92/79 2nd prize and classwinner.

  11.06.09 - Waara passed BH-test!

  25.05.09 - Udo was in Obedience competition 23.5. and got 1st prize
with points 169 in Open-class.
Congratulations Sari and Udo!
15.05.09 - Happy birthday to Sintti, 10 years!
  03.05.09 - Udo was in Obedience competition and got 1st prize with points 168,5. Unfortynately jump was 0, Udo made the jump before order...

Congratulations Sari and Udo! So nice begin for Obedience competitions!
26.04.09 - Udo passed BH-test 25.4.09!
So super! Congratulations Sari and Udo!
04.04.09 - Happy birthday to Mila, 13 years.
25.03.09 - Pixi has been rewarded best tracking dog 2008 of Ylöjärven Koirakerho.  
26.02.09 - P-litter were born 22.2.09, 4+4 and all are black.
Pixi and puppies are just fine.
  31.1.09 - Jack and Waara has been eye-checked 30.1.
Both dogs are health.
16.1.09 - Pixi had ultrasound examination today.
We are going to have puppies!
We expect puppies to be born at the end of February.
More information on puppies-page.
3.1.09 - Christmas in Holland was very nice and Pixi has been mated now by David. We expect puppies to be born at the end of February. More information on puppies-page.

Thank you Peter, I really enjoy my holiday!

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