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Highlights of the year 2011

We had a lot of happiness and successes:

* Pixi got 1st prize in Obedience, class 2

* Jack got title JK2 (tracking) with full tracking and object search points

* Old ladies Mila 15,5 years and Sintti 12,5 years are still in good condition

* Six Eloisa P -puppies participated charactertest

* Pelki passed BH-test, got title HK1 (search) and 1st prize in Obedience,
class 2

* Paimen passed BH-test

* Persoona passed BH-test, got title JK1 (tracking), competed in Obedience class 3 and rised to class 3 in Agility, reaching 2 jump-CAC and 1 agi-CAC. Ansa was also best of breed in Agility in class 2, was 3rd in FAO OPEN-FC final and selected member of Finnish FMBB-team!

* Pimu passed BH-test, started to compete in search, made two 1st prizes in Obedience class 1 and competed in class 2

* All 7 Eloisa Q -pups x-rayted and 2 have been eye-examinated

* Qiri made two 1st prizes in Obedience, class 1

* Qisa passed Good citizen -test and made 1st prize in Obedience, class 1

* Qiituri got titles PL & PZW-11 and got two JUN-CAC in Poland

* Eloisa R -litter was born and we got first Eloisa-tervuerens

Big THANKS of year 2011 to active Eloisa owners and co-operation partners!

* * *

* * *

13.11. - Laku in search competition

Photo: Heli Partanen

Laku got II-prize in search with 266p, obedience 70 and search 196 and got title HK1.
Congratulations Tanja and Laku!

* * *

23.10. - Qiituri Poland junior winner 2011

Älli took part in winner dog show of Poland with excellent success:
JUN: Exc1, BOS, CAC, PJW-11!
Congratulations Kari, Marju and Älli!

* * *

15.10. - Q-puppies have been x-rayed

The whole Q-litter has been x-rayed. We are waiting the official results.
Tree males have their 1st vertebra of the tail ossified with sacrum.
According to the vet this change will not cause any problems for the dogs in the future.
Thanks for the active owners!

* * *

9.10. - Ansa in Agility competition

Ansa won with 0-result and got 1st CAC for Agility Champion title.
Congratulations Tanja and Ansa!

* * *

1.10. - Ansa in Agility competition

Ansa won with 0-result and got 2nd CAC for Agility Champion title (jump).
Congratulations Tanja and Ansa!

* * *

24.9. - Varjo in Obedience-competition

Varjo made 1st prize in Beginner class with 187 points and was classwinner.
Congratulations Sanni and Varjo!

* * *

17.9. - Ansa in Agility competition

Ansa won with 0-result and got 1st CAC for Agility Champion title (jump).
Video from the course.
Congratulations Tanja and Ansa!

* * *

16.9. - Rasa in BH-test

Rasa passed BH-test.
Congratulations Seppo, Kaarina and Rasa!

* * *

11.9. - P-puppies in character test

Five P-puppies were in charactertest.
Thanks for active owners!

* * *

3.9. - Ansa in tracking competition

Ansa made 1st prize and won the 1st class with points 81p / 197 p. = 278p. -> got title JK1
Congratulations Tanja and Ansa!

* * *

28.8. - Jack 6-year-old!

Happy birthday to super-Jack!

* * *

22.8. - Miina passed BH-test

Miina passed BH-test!
Congratulations Sannamari and Miina!

* * *

21.8. - Ansa in Agility competition

Ansa was classwinner with 0-result and moved up to highest level!
Congratulations Tanja and Ansa!

* * *

7.8. - Viima is double working champion

Mother of the coming S-litter is now double working champion
with amazing result: search 196/200p. and obedience 92/100p.
Congratulations Tanja and Viima!

* * *

4.8. - Jack in tracking competition

Jack made 1st prize in class 2 with 280 points.
Tracking and object search 200 p. (max.points) and obedience 80p, 2nd placement.

* * *

24.7. - Ansa in Agility competition

Photo: Krizsan Tamas

Ansa won 2nd class with 0-result!
Congratulations Tanja and Ansa!

* * *

9.7. - Ansa in success in biggest finnish Agility tournament "Agirotu"

Ansa was classwinner with 0-result in class 2,
and Finnish Open Champion 3rd place, so cool!
Congratulations Tanja and Ansa!

* * *

5.7. - Laku in Obedience competition

Laku made 1st prize in open class with 160 points and was 2nd.
Congratulations Tanja and Laku!

* * *

19.6. - Eloisa R-litter was born

R-litter was born 18.6.:
1 tervueren male and female and 4 black males.

* * *

11.6. - Show result and happy birthday

11.6. - Älli in dog show

Älli in show in Latvia, JUN-class: JUN-CAC 2nd best female
Congratulations Kari and Marju!

11.6. - Äijä and Viima 6-year-old

Happy birthday to Äijä and Viima!

* * *

8.6. - Miina in Obedience competition

Miina won beginner class with 1st prize and got 186 points.
Congratulations Sannamari and Miina!

* * *

6.6. Q-litter 1-year-old

Happy birthday to Q-litter!

* * *

2.6. - Ansa in BH-test

Ansa passed BH-test.
Congratulations Tanja and Ansa!

* * *

22.5. - Varjo in "Good Citizen" -test

Varjo passed "Good Citizen" -test.
Congratulations Sanni and Varjo!

* * *

14.5. - Qiri in Obedience competition

Qiri won the beginner class with 1st prize. Points were 192,5.
Congratulations Greta and Qiri!

19.5. - Miina in Obedience competition

Miina made 1st prize with 171 points in beginner class and placement was 3rd.
Congratulations Sannamari and Miina!

19.5. - Puppy-news and Agility-results

19.5. - Pixi is pregnant

I saw many pups in ultra sound. Now we just have to wait
what colour pups have... More information for coming R-litter.

15.5. - Agility-results from race championship competition

Eloisa Persoona alias "Ansa" is master of Agility class 2 with 5-result.
Congratulations Tanja and Ansa!

Team "Erjan Enkelit" = "Erja's Angels" won 3rd place!
Members of the team:
Eloisa Pelki "Laku" and Tanja K.
Eloisa Persoona "Ansa" and Tanja L.
Wintergame Nuu-Nuu "Hirra" and Marko
Udo des Cretuz Neufs "Udo" and Sari

Congratulations the whole super team!

* * *

15.5. Sintti 12-year-old

Happy birthday to Sintti!

* * *

23.4. - Coming litter and working result news

17.4. - Pixi in Austria

Pixi has been mated, more information about coming R-litter.

16.4. - Laku in BH-test in Iisalmi

Laku and Tanja passed BH-test.
Congratulations Tanja ja Laku!

* * *

Mila 15-year-old

Mila had 15th birthday on 4.4. and still going strong!

* * *

Waara in unofficial Agility-competition 20.3.

Waara won "almost competitor class" with 0-result.
In competitor class I was totally too slow and we were disqualified...
Maybe next summer we start in official competitions...

* * *

Pixi the best tracking dog 2010

Pixi got best tracking dog 2010 prize
of Kyröskosken Käyttökoirat!

* * *

Qiri in Obedience-competition in Latvia 7.3.

Qiri made 1st prize with 186,5 points in Beginner-class, 3rd place.
Congratulations Greta and Qiri!

* * *

Eloisa P -litter 2 years 22.2.

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to P-litter, happy birthday to you."
Wish proud parents!

Thanks to active owners!

* * *

Persoona "Ansa" in Agility competition 20.2.2011

Ansa won class1 with 0-result and moved to next level.
Congratulations Tanja and Ansa!

* * *

Pixi in Obedience competition 9.1.2011

Pixi made 1st prize with 186 points and was classwinner in open class in Obedience.

* * *

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