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groenendael female

BALT & LV & BG & RO & EST & LT Ch
PJW-11 PZV-11 Show Winner -12
Eloisa Qiituri "Älli"

Älli   Älli

Owner: Marju & Kari Raisiola, Hämeenkyrö

Hobbies: Tracking



* Puolan & Poznan juniorivoittaja 2011

* Licence to Cruft dog show 2013

* Bulgarian, Lithuania and Estonia show Champion 2103

* 3rd best Sport Belgian Newcomer 2013
* Baltic and Latvia show Champion 2014

* Bronze in district competition of tracking 2014

* Best Tracking dog 2014 of Kyröskosken Käyttökoirat


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Älli's character test

Character test of FKC 7.6.2014 Kangasala
Judges were Taina Niemi and Marco Vuorisalo

Functional capacity +1 (moderate)
Tendency to aggressive behaviour +1 (Small without any post-attack aggressiveness)
Desire for defence action +3 (Moderate, controlled)
Desire to fight +3 (High)
Nerves +1 (tendency to nervousness)
Temperament +1 (Extremely high)
Mental hardness +1 (tendency to softness)
Accessibility +3 (kind, accessible, open)
Secure to shots ++ (Unfamiliar with shots)
Points 152  
Minus points -  
Result 152  



11.06.11 Latvia, Int-show - 1 year old. Correct size for the age. Correct head. The chest a little narrow for the movement. Nice body, correct angulation & movement. - JUN: Exc.1 PP J-CAC 2nd best female, judge Bela Siklosi, Hungary.

12.06.11 Latvia, Int-show - Correct type, square enough. Very femin. head. Under jaw strong enough, long neck. Straight topline standing, could be better in movement. Enough valum of body. Stands closing front. Needs a lot of ring training. Could show better in movement. Would prefer better temperament. - JUN: VG, judge Ligita Zake, Latvia.

13.08.11 Valkeakoski - Longer in format. Typical head. Correct ears position. A little bit shorter neck. Level topline. Slightly sloping croup. Chest could be deeper. Upper arm short and straight. Parallel position of the legs. Could be better angulated behind. Movement could be with longer steps and power. Coat colour good and quality, but not enough long - JUN: G, judge Lazic Suncica, Serbia

22.10.11 Poznan, Puola, Int. - ? - JUN: EXC1 BF2 BOS-JUN, judge Nina Kharatishvill, Russia

23.10.11 Poznan, Poland, Int. - ? - JUN: EXC1 BF1 BOS BOB-JUN PL&PZV-11 JUNIOR WINNER, judge Krystyna Szulc Poland,

12.05.12 Tampere, Int. - Good type. Almost 2-year-old with square body and enough angulated behind, thin in front. Big ears disturb expression. Parallel head lines. Scissor bite. Movement very unstable. Movement very labile in front. Good coat quality but coat should be longer. Friendly, cool behaving. - YOUNG: G, judge Olli Kokkonen.

21.07.12 Räpinä, Estonia - Nice outform and type. ? in head. Balanced angulations. Looses her topline mooving. Good lenght of neck. Good hind movement. Very out of coat. - OPEN: VG1, judge Jeff Horsewell, England

22.07.12 Ulenurme, Estonia - 2 years. Very good type. A bit long in body. Ex. coat. The skull should be flaster. Body is correct. Corr. bone. Good feet. Movement is correct. - OPEN: EXC1 CQ BF1 CAC BOB EE Ch, judge Dick Rutten, Netherland

29.07.12 Mikkeli, Int. - Completely out of coat. Good bone. Body could be shorter. Short, deep and heavy head with too pronounced stop. Good neck. Long loins. Very shallow chest. Correct hind drive. Soft pasterns. Circle hocks. Very nice temperament - AVO: G, judge Redlicki Miroslaw, Poland

03.08.12 Druskininkai, Liettua, Int. - ? - OPEN: EXC1 CQ BF1 CAC CACIB BOB, judge Olga Goncharuk, Ukraina

04.08.12 Druskininkai, Liettua, Int. - ? - OPEN: EXC2 CQ BF2 CAC R-CACIB, judge Ratibor Cekic, Serbia

05.08.12 Rezekne, Latvia - ? - Open: VG1, judge Olga Kojevnikova, Belarus

11.11.12 Jyväskylä, Int. - Friendly young female. Should show more typical of breed. Earset correct. Short body. She doesn't were best coat today. Her body should be more developed. Doesn't show free movement, because of that sufficient - OPEN: S, judge Dick Rutten, Netherland

15.05.13 Budabest, Hungary, Int. - ? - OPEN: S, judge Petru Muntean, Romania

24.05.13 Dobrich, Bulgaria, Int. - ? - OPEN: EXC1 CQ BF1 CAC CACIB BOB, judge Krasimir Todorov, Bulgaria

25.05.13 Dobrich, Bulgaria, Int. - ? - OPEN: EXC1 CQ BF1 CAC CACIB BOB BG Ch , judge Joviva Golubovi, Serbia

26.05.13 Sibua, Romania, KV-näyttely - ? - AVO: ERI1 SA PN1 SERT CACIB ROP, tuomari Cristian Stefanescu, Romania

07.09.13 Kaunas, Lithuania - 3 y. Fem. well sized. Exc. head, cor. expr. Well pigm. Cor. head, nice croup, cor. move, ear, coat. Well temper. Would like to see better handling. - Champion: EXC1 CQ BF1 CAC BOB, judge Jurate Butkiene, Lithuania

08.09.13 Kaunas, Lithuania - Active temp. Not in show condition. Upper line could be better. Ex. movement and present. - Champion: EXC1 CQ BF1 CAC BOB LT Ch, judge Pero Bozinovski, Makedonia

22.02.14 Jyväskylä, Int. - Feminine with a nice head and expression. Good neck and topline. The coat is not in show condition. Good ribcage. Bone could be stronger. Good angulations. Nice mover. - Champion: EXC1, judge Borges Manuel Loureiro, Portugal

12.07.14 Ogre, Latvia - Hand size, light in bones, feminine head will g. pigmentation, not enough develope in chest. Weak ? and flat feet, flat withers, legs ? not enough ?. Movements with short steps. Temperament and behavior not for champ. class. - Champion: EXC1, judge Janosne Balazsovits, Hungary

12.07.14 Ogre, Latvia - Correct size and proport. of head. Ex.earset, ex. chest, correct topline, coat in change. Corr. present. corr. in movemen., bit close in front. - Champion: EXC1 CQ BF1 CAC BOB LV Ch BALT Ch, judgei Zeljko Todorovic, Serbia

13.07.14 Ogre, Latvia - ? - Champion: EXC1 CQ BF1 CAC BOB, judge Valentinas Stiklius, Lithuania

08.11.14 Tarto, Estonia, Int - ? - Champion: VG1, judge Myriam Vermeire, Belgium

09.11.14 Tarto, Estonia, Int - ? - Champion: EXC2, judge Stefan Sinko, Slovenia