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groenendael female


Willow Creek Eloi-Eloi "Mokka"

Mokka * 20.07.2001
03.12.2008 - put to sleep because of stomach cancer
Breeder: Sanna & Pauli Hasu, kennel Willow Creek
Owner: Erja Juvakka, Mouhijärvi & breeder

Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Eyes: Clear (6.8.03), Pannus found 12.5.06
Teeth: scissor bite, all teeth

Heigh: 59 cm
Weight: 22 kg

Hobbies: tracking and agility

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Mokka with own words

Mokka was my favourite puppy in her litter. When Mokka came back
as a 10 weeks old puppy, I didn't thought more than 1 second
that she would stay with us.

Mokka was what groenendael can be at its best: very open and
friendly with lot of desire to fight and she really enjoyed to work!
She had a twinkle of humour of her eyes and always one toy in
her mouth for playing. She was also excellent tracking dog!

In the spring 2008 I went with Mokka to help our neighbour.
He had lost his glasses on arable land. I sent Mokka to the area
the neighbour told where glasses could be. Mokka was full of power
and made a lot of work. Soon she had searched the whole area and
we turned back. She continued to search with big motivation.
Suddenly she stopped and started to pull something from the ground.
I went to look what she had found and what a nice job, Mokka had
the glasses! You would never have found them without a dog!!
Mokka was born to find things and she really was born already trained!

Unfortunately in the year of 2006 Mokka became ill with toxoplasmosis
and had inflamed iris. She also got violent intestinal trouble. Still in spring 2007
she vomited blood and also had blood in her excrement. In the same time she got
pannus in her right eye which need lifelong medicine and because of our
doping rules we had to stop to compete in tracking.

At the end of 2008 Mokka started to vomit and it got worse and worse
all the time even she got medicine. 20.11.08 vet made endoscopy to stomach.
Vet also took pieces from stomach: very strong infection and very strong atrofia
in membrane of stomack. This kind of infection is usually auto immune and
can make "atrophy gastropatia".

Result: lymfos.atrofi.gastriittis

After this Mokka started to eat cortisone but it didn't help. She vormitted
almost everything she ate. In every 20 minutes I gave her 2 tablespoonful gruel.
I also made hydration once a day to her. Also cortisone was given by injenction
because she vormitted the tablets. I had only couple possibilities...
We opened the dog (she was alive but in deep sleep). Outlook of stomach
was very bad looking and also peritoneum looked infection. We decided
to let her go, my lovely Mokka. After putting her down, we opened the
stomach and took one piece from it to sent it to pathologist:
On the membrane of stomach, in lymphatic and on chorion there
is diffuse tumour of stomack.

Diagn: diff.carcinoma

Stomack from the outside.
Lower part shows irritated surface.
Stomack from the inside. Stomack from the inside.

THANKS Mokka, you were so SUPER!


Mokka's pedigree

Mirmar Backwoods Boy

Valkohampaan Igaros
N Ch
Sundown's Here I'm
Valkohampaan Ancona
Hukanheimon Vicki

Valkohampaan Cosmos
Gisele de la Quievre
N, S, RUS Ch NevskyW-04

Wintergame Intermilana

Mistyk van de Hoge Laer
Hutch du Domaine des Noirs
Haida du val des Artistes

A-Te-Ell's Miss Request
Sundown's Primetime

Ceres Gucci of Ateell


Mokka's character test

Charactertest of FKC 21.5.05 Vammala
Judges Pasi Halme and Lea Haanpää

Functional capacity +1 (moderate)
Tendency to aggressive behaviour +1 (low without any post-attack aggressivenes)
Desire for defence action +1 (low,controlled)
Desire to fight +2 (moderate)
Nerves +1 (tendency to nervousness)
Temperament +3 (high)
Mental hardness +1 (tendency to softness)
Accessibility +3 (kind, accessible, open)
Secure to shots + (unfamiliar with shots)
Points 170  
Minus points -  
Result 170  

Mokka's working results


Date Place Result
24.05.03 Vammala Passed, BH


Date Place Class Points Total Result Placement Other
16.06.04 Tampere 1 70/194 264 II-result, JK1 1. -
17.07.04 Lahti 2 88/148 236 - - Breed championships
07.08.04 Ulvila 2 75/181 256 II-result, JK2 2. -

Mokka's Agility-results

Date Place Class Result Placement Other
05.03.05 Turku 1 5 8. -
05.03.05 Turku 1 0 4. -
06.03.05 Turku 1 5 15. -
13.03.05 Valkeakoski 1 10 10. -
25.03.05 Riihimäki 1 16,63 22. -
27.03.05 Turku 1 Disq. - -