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Merry Christmas!

* * *

13.5. Eloisa results

Agility: Ruska "Kitty" made two 0-courses, placement 1st and 3rd.
Soturi "Bolt" made three 0-courses, placements 2nd, 2nd and 1st.
Uligaani "Cuje" made two 0-courses, placements 4th and 2nd.
Cuje got also CAC-A.

Versio "Vmos" passed 2nd time in Rally-Obe class 2.

Congratulations Marko and Kitty, Antti and Bolt, Tanja and Cuje, Heidi and Vmos!

* * *

9.5. W-litter 1 year old

Congratulations W-litter!

* * *

6.5. Eloisa results

Ruska "Kitty", Soturi "Bolt" and Quti "Nomi" were in FMBB-competitions.
Kitty got place to Agility-final, but Bolt unfortinately didn't.
Both were members of Agility-team who's placement was 4th.

Nomi competed in Obedience and unfortunately didn't get result in class 3.

Talismaani "Juju" passed FKC charachter testi with points 184.

Thanks for your activity Minna!

Sinko "Ruuti" made 0-course (jump) in Agility, placement 3rd.

Congratulations Sari and Ruuti!

Whipoorwill "Whip" competed in Rally-obe in National USA.
Result: 94/100 points and placement 5./34.

Congratulations Joan and Whip!

* * *

2.4. Ruska in Agility-competitions

Ruska "Kitty" made two 0-courses, placements in both courses 2nd.

Congratulations Marko and Kitty!

* * *

31.3. Syke and Versio in Obedience competition

Syke made 1st prize in class 3 with point 297/320, placement 1/7.

Versio "Vmos" made 1st prize in class 3 with points 267,5/320 , placement 4./7.

Congratulations Heidi and Vmos!

* * *

30.3. Rewards, Soturi and Uligaani in Agility-competitions, class 3

30.3. - Soturi "Bolt" made two 0-courses, placements 1st and 2nd.

Uligaani "Cuje" made 0-course and got CAC.

Congratulations Antti and Bolt, Tanja and Cuje!

25.3. - Best Agility newcomer 2017 of SBPKY Uligaani "Cuje"

2nd best Agility belgian of 2017 Ruska "Kitty"

Congratulations Tanja and Cuje, Marko and Kitty!

* * *

25.3. Ruska and Soturi in Agility-competition

Both dogs took part of EO qualification competitions and Finnish Hall Championships.

Soturi "Bolt" was placed 5th in Hall Championships.
In EO qualification competitions placement was 19/150.

in Hall Championships Ruska "Kitty" was unfortunately disq.
In EO qualification competitions placement was 24/150.

Congratulations Antti and Bolt, Marko and Kitty!

* * *

24.3. Uligaani in Agility-competition

Uligaani "Cuje" made 0-course (jump) in Agility class 3.

Congratulations Tanja and Cuje!

* * *

21.3. Soturi's and Uligaani's gene-tests

Soturi "Bolt" doesn't carry the causative mutation for SDCA1 or SDCA2 (Ataxia).

Uligaani "Cuje" doesn't carry the causative mutation for SDCA1 but is carrier for SDCA2 (Ataxia).

Thanks Tanja for your activity!

* * *

11.3. Uligaani in Agility-competition

Uligaani "Cuje" won Agility competitions in class 2 with 0-course and continue now in class 3.

Congratulations Tanja and Cuje!

* * *

10.3. New Champion, working result and rewarded

04.03. - Syke is now also Lithuanian Champion.

03.03. - Tyyppi "Voitto" got 1st prize in Obedience in class 4 with points 263,5/320, placement 2/8

27.02. - Versio "Vmos" rewarded best EK-dog - 17 of Turun Käyttökoirakerho

Congratulations Anne and Voitto, Heidi and Vmos!

* * *

20.2. Vintage's gene-test

Vintage "Vini" doesn't carry the causative mutation for SDCA1 or SDCA2 (Ataxia).

* * *

18.2. Syke and Vintage in Obedience-competition

Syke won class 3 with 2nd prize, 232/320p.

Vintage "Vini" made 1st prize in class 1 with points 167,5/200, placement 6/12

* * *

14.2. Valkyria in eye-examination

Valkyria "Lysti" had eye-examination: no evidence of inherited eye diseases.

Thanks for your activity Miia and Silja!

* * *

12.2. Syke and Wälke in show in Eesti

11.2. - Syke was best of breed in Tallinn international show.
So now she is International and Eesti champion.

Wälke got Excellent, was 2nd best in JUN-class and 4th best female

* * *

6.2. Uligaani and Syke in competitions

3.2. - Uligaani "Cuje" won Agility-course in class2 with 5-result.

27.1. - Syke won class 3 in Obedience with 2nd prize with points 227,5/320.

Congratulations Tanja and Cuje!

* * *

27.1. Pimu in Rally-Obe -competition

Pimu "Miina" passed Champion-class with points 72/100.

Congratulations Sannamari and Miina!

* * *

12.1. T-pentue 4-years old

Happy birthday to 4-year-old T-litter!

* * *

6.1. Versio in Rally-Obe -competition

Versio "Vmos" passed OPEN-class with points 85/100.

Congratulations Heidi and Vmos!

* * *

* * *

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