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groenendael male

Eloisa Puhuri "Puntti"

Puntti   Puntti

Owner: Jarkko and Suvi Siivonen, Lahti

Hobbies: Tracking and Obedience

Turn of the year 2009-2010 Puntti disappeared mysteriously from backyard for 4 days. On that days temperature was minus 30 and there was a lot of snow. Puntti had been seen many times in near forest but he didn't come to the owners. Finally Puntti came back to home, to the same backyard from where he disappeared. After this adventure he has reacted a little bit against e.g. blinking light of snowplow and aeroplaines. Let's see in the future how this adventure under the firework affects Puntti's reaction for gun shoot.
In summer 2011 Puntti was in charactertest. At the end of test they shoot with 9mm starter pistol. Even Puntti burnened in the test, he didn't get any panic because of shoot. After hearing the gun shoot, Puntti went to his owner, jumped towards her, and stayed there. Judges think that Puntti is not familiar with gun shoot. Puntti

  tassu   Character test  


Character tests

Charactertest of FKC 6.7.11 Helsinki
Judges were Lea Haanpää ja Bengt Söderholm

Functional capacity +1 (Moderate)
Tendency to aggressive behaviour +1 (Small without any post-attack aggressiveness)
Desire for defence action +1 (Small)
Desire to fight +2 (Moderate)
Nerves +1 (Tendency to nervousness)
Temperament +1 (Extremely high)
Mental hardness +1 (Tendency to softness)
Accessibility +2a (accessibile, a little reserved)
Secure to shots ++ (Unfamiliar with shots )
Points 125  
Minus points -  
Result 125  



08.08.09 Helsinki, specialshow - Excellent type, representative, high quality. Typical behavior, balanced male puppy. Well set small ears, excellent expression. A little bit round in skull, good chest, body and angulations. Beautiful topline also in rear, certain tail set. Good step lenght. Unfortunately only one testicle. - Puppyclass, Judge Elena Ruskovaara