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Eloisa Ä-litter in spring 2022

* Kali's insemination has been made 11.3.


Eloisa von der Nidderspitz "Kali"

FI WCh FC2-14
Obe3, Agi1, Water rescue1

Eloisa Pelki "Laku"

Photo: Tanja Lehto

Mixed lined Kali will be 4 years old at the time of the litter. Kali's dam is groenendael Benja von der Nidderspitz (Benja in Working-Dog) who has IP3 result from Germany. Dam's siblings have results from IGP, obedience, agility, search, tracking and skijoring. Kali's sire is Catch on Fire de Tizin Tuchka (Catch on Fire in Working-Dog) who lives in Belgium. Cathc on Fire has Ring 1 from Belgian ring. Sire's siblings are competing at least in agility and his brother Clash Folly de Tizin Tychka is a phenomenal and a super fast agility dog. Kali's siblings have been healthy so far and they are performing in agility, obedience, IGP and nose work. Kali's step siblings from the same mother are doing agility and tracking. This will be Kali's first litter.

Mixed lined Laku was from my own breeding and he was 12,5 years old when he had to be etuhanized due to the pains that he had from previously happened accident. Laku's family is based on mixed lined groenendaels and working malinois'. Laku's father David van Yamyna was open, stabile and strong male who achieved IPO3 result. Laku's mother Picxie de Lescaut was an import from Canada and the studbitch of my kennel. She was a Working Champion from tracking and had an excellent qualities for tracking. Also Laku's siblings and half siblings Eloisa R- and S-litters have succeeded very well in different sports. For example Eloisa Persoona, Eloisa Ruska and Eloisa Soturi have all succeeded in agility, they have e.g. represented Finland in FMBB competitions multiple times and gained team gold medals. Persoona and Ruska have also won bronze in Finnish agility championships. There hasn't been any very severe health issues either. This will be Laku's first litter and the litter will be made by insemination.

Kali is very vivid, energetic and fast dog. Despite her high temperament she is able to concentrate on the education very well. Kali can be rewarded both by food and toys. She has a good will to fight and she is also very greedy for food. Kali has dominance towards other dogs but she is still living nicely in a pack of five dogs and she can be jogging freely with dogs she doesn't know. Kali is not reacting to sounds (fireworks, thunderstorm etc.). She is not interested in the people she doesn't know and she is not seeking for contact towards strangers. However she is playing with strange people, eating treats and she can be rewarded by anyone.

Laku was open, friendly, greedy to food, very stabile, fast and had very good nerves. He was not interested in other dogs and was social towards them. In protection work he has strong and good grip and he loved to fight with the decoy. In search Laku was very motivated and persistent. Obedience at its best was high driven and dashing. Laku did not have any fears of sounds or surfaces. Laku lived in a pack of four dogs and spent normal life as a family fog. He was one of the best groenendael males I have ever met.

Kali's hips are A/A and elbows 0/0. Kali's back has been officially x-rayed: 4/19 lumbosacral transitional vertebra LTV0 = normal, vertebral anomaly VA0 = normal and 02/21 spondylosis SP0 = free. Her shoulders have been officially graded as unaffected. Kali's eyes and knees are also healthy (10/21). Kali doesn't have any allergies or sensitivities and she has a very good stomach.

Laku's hips were A/A and elbows 0/0. Laku's back was x-rayed officially 3/15: lumbosacral transitional vertebra LTV0 = normal, vertebral anomaly VA0 = normal and 02/21 spondylosis SP0 = free. Also his shoulders and knees were healthy. Laku's eyes were examined healthy four times during his life. Laku had a pincer bite and he had all teeth.

Unfortunately Kali had an accident when she was a puppy and that ruined her career as an agility competition dog. She ran in a forest and her right front leg hit to a hole which caused an avulsion fracture on her right wrist. The fraction healed well but it left an error position to her leg and therefore Kali has been living mainly active companion dog life and tried some sports to keep her activated. She has been training a bit of agility, water rescue and obedience in which all she has shown great potential. Kali has also tried skijoring and she liked it a lot.

Laku's main sport was search and he won silver in Finnish Championships. He also represented Finland in Nordic Championships for working dogs. Laku was also competing in agility. He was very fast agility dog. In obedience Laku competed to winners class. He also had a result from water rescue. All in all he was a very versatile dog.

Pedigree of coming litter
Inbreeding coefficient calculated using of 6 generations: 1,563 %

FI WCh FC2-14 HK3 BH
Obe3, Agi1, Water rescue1

Eloisa Pelki

HD A/A ED 0/0

David van Yamyna


Malek de Salte Cabre


Brisca vd Belgische Vriendjes
Picxie de Lescaut

HD A/A ED 0/0
Am ACh4, Am Ch

Wandrlyn Charfire Blazing Ice

HD Good ED Normal
Jorie de Lescaut

Eloisa von der Nidderspitz

HD A/A ED 0/0

Catch on fire de Tizin Tychka

HD A/A, ED 0/0


Haron de la Mamba Noire
HD B1 ED 0/0
Atomic Folly de Tizin Tychka


Benja von der Nidderspitz

HD A1 ED 0/0
Armagnac von Scathach
Zismee van Yamyna

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